SHENZHEN PROW ELCTRONICS & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 1999. It has imported large production equipment and undertook processing service since 2003. It is located at 4、5 floor, A-31 Block,Ttanglang Industrial District, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It covers an area of 2500 m2 and there are 200 employees including 30 management and engineering technicians, the company has the most advanced equipment, such as the Fuji speedy automatic SMT patch machine from Japan, lead-free 8-zone and fully computer controlling backflow soldering, deluxe spraying lead free dual wave soldering, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic plastic welder, ICT Meter, LCR Meter, automatic power distortion meter, shock station. Besides we have automatic stream line、automatic assembly line、 automatic molding line、manual operation patch production line、thermostatic aging room which can test 500 sets machine at one time and water tank testing line which has complete functions. It is a sole invested high technology enterprise which consist of search、development、production、assembly service and now we can offer processing service with materials supplied for SMT patch、plug in unit、welding and packaging.

We hold "quality first、customer satisfaction、long term cooperation" as our theory and "high quality products、high efficient delivery、high level service" as our quality policy.  We pursue commercial reputation and long term cooperation in order to share success together and keep competitive advantage in quality、price、delivery and service. Our company has reasonable layout、strong engineering technical capability、quality guarantee、flexible processing method; our theory is to meet customer’s requirement and create value for customers; our service range is full OEM,ODM service for SMT patch、DIP 、assembly. We can also offer SMT patch、plug in unit、welding and finished goods packaging、processing service、processing factory service. 

OEM service             Strong management good reputation various kinds of OEM service             TEL: 0755-265540680755-26554038FAX0755-26010704CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Xiao / Mr. Chen            
ODM,cooperation development service             delicate technology,excellent service、 customized service For ODMcooperation development serviceplease contact Prow’s research and development center             TEL: 0755-26010708FAX0755-26010704CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Xia / Mr. Li            
Board processing service with materials supplied             For computer. internet communication processing service with materials suppliedplease contact electronic factorycoordinating department             TEL: 0755-26554038:0755-26554068FAX:0755-26010704CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Xia / Mr. Li            


Main products and services
Various kinds of OEM processing service Provide patch、plug in unit、welding 、packaging Service、processing service
main range:
electronics processing、 MP3、 digital camera 、mobile memory、 household appliance processing、communication products processing、plug in unit

Quality guarantee
1.The company has past ISO9002 quality system approval in 2000quality guarantee :(according to IPC- A- 61 0C CLASSⅡ and the company standard)
2.The customer ’s raw materials shall be strictly inspected by IQC before entering the factory and fully inspected by QC、function test、strictly inspected by QA before leaving the factory and make records about the products quality and make timely feedback disposal、analysis、track、summarization
1.The customer should provide the BOM of the products、technical requirement、the sample board and other documents as well as the processing products quantity、materials and date of delivery
2. Coordinating department contract section should judge the agreement and arrange for the production, check the price according to the sample and coordinating with the customers about the "processing agreement"
3. Confirm the processing unit price and the terms of the processing agreement and then sign the processing contract
4. After signing the contract, the customer can send the processing documents to the factory technical department, the technical department should make processing operation guide manual immediately
5. The customer’s materials should send to PROW, and the company (IQC) shall inspect the materials, and preparing IC、finished materials、roasting IC and PCB for production
6. After the receipt of the materials and the predisposal of them, the production line shall start to process the products according to the contract technical requirement
7. Both parties should keep in touch with each other during the production, and the customers can provide the engineer to instruct the production on site
8. PROW electronics should make delivery on time, and the quality and quantity of the products shall be in strict compliance of the contract
9. The customer should pay the processing fee according to the date of payment stipulated in the contract
10. PROW electronics should provide after sales maintenance service according to the agreement and the contract 

The procedure of processing order of PROW electronics factory