Shenzhen Prow Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the beautiful Merchants Guangming Science & Technology Park, whicn is the newly developed high technology development district impelled by the high scientific and technological industry in Shenzhen in recent years. The high scientific and technological atmosphere establishes a helpful developing environment for the development and expansion of this company. ...More >>


  • The Golden Snake Dance Company

    Yulong Chengxiang, gold snake Xian Rui, Purple East, Vientiane update! Bid farewell to the unforgettable 2012, usher in a new 2013; look back a few years of struggle, look forward to Pulan new future!...

  • "We are together" Pulan ninth anniversary tour

    August 11, 2003 Pulan was born, enterprises adhering to the "meet customer requirements for customers to create value" business philosophy, so that enterprises quickly into the benign development of t...

  • Princess Plains 2012 tug of war

    Tug of war Origin:Tug of war began two thousand four hundred years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period Chu. Chu is located in the north and south, waterways aspect, in addition to the army, there is a...

  • Knowledge Management vs Enterprise Resource Planning Relationship

    The company mainly by the material headquarters, research and development centers, marketing headquarters, electronics factory composition. In the senior development of technical staff accounted for 40% of the total number of companies, electronics f

  • I successfully introduced the ERP system

    With the continuous development of the company, business continues to grow in the current competitive environment, enterprises in order to survive, must accept the fresh things to flood the enterprise...